Customer Service

Reward Points
● Points will be awarded according to the number of grants or grant rate specified by this site when members purchase items sold on this site.
● Granting and using points
① Once new member registration, we will give you 200 points.
② Granted 1 point for $1. Points will not be granted if it is less than $1.
③ The amount to be awarded points does not include shipping fee, coupon, payment by points, etc.
④ If the order you ordered is canceled or returned before points are granted, the points given for that order obviously disappear and will not be granted.
⑤ Awarded points can be used as payment methods for some or all of the charges for products sold by this site with 100 points equivalent to $1.
⑥ The lower limit of the points that can be used for one order is 1 point, there is no upper limit.
⑦ Points are valid for 2 years from the date of final grant.
⑧ Logging is required for logs such as point usage or balance.
● Please confirm details by "point contract".
● This site reserves the right to decide all conditions concerning points granting, granted number, grant rate, timing of grant, points invalid, invalid timing etc. The user shall comply with this decision.